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Hair Glossary

To help you understand and schedule appointments for the appropriate timing we have designed a hair glossary. If you are unsure of what you need to book you may contact your stylist and schedule a consultation.


From the French wording ‘to sweep’ this highlighting technique is done by freehand painting lightener/colour on the surface of your hair. The result is soft, natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights that easily blend in as hair grows longer. Most often the roots are left untouched as to grow out without a line of demarcation.

Base Colour

A solid colour applied at the root only (no more than 1.5” ‘regrowth’ from the scalp).

Full Colour

A solid colour applied to every strand of hair (root to end).

Bleach and Tone

Used to achieve a solid blonde (no dimension). The bleach lifts the hair to desired lightness. The toner neutralizes any unwanted tones(most commonly yellow/orange).

Colour Correction

Anytime you want to:

  • lighten or darken your hair by 2 or more shades
  • correct uneven banding/splotchiness
  • remove permanent colour


A technique where the lightener is painted on the hair, just like balayage, but then each painted section is wrapped in foils. the foil seals in the heat and helps the hair get lighter than a traditional open air balayage.


From the French word ‘shadow,’ Ombré describes a style. It is the transition of a darker color graduated into a lighter color.


A permanent wave or curl set into the hair with a chemical solution.

Root Shade

A technique used to blend your natural root colour into a highlight, creating a soft transition between light and dark. We achieve this by applying a demi permanent colour at the root that is often meshed into your mids-ends demi permanent toning formula.


Most often a Demi permanent color used to neutralize unwanted tones (brassiness) in the hair post highlight. Can also be used to enhance certain tones such as chocolate/ red. Toners will never make the hair lighter.


Baby Lights

Finely woven Highlights starting from root to end.

Full Head Highlight/Lowlight

Creates dimension root to end throughout the entire head of hair.

Partial Highlight/Lowlight

Creates dimension root to end on a selected portion of the head. This could mean top half only or bottom half only.

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