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My name is Kelly Thornham, and I am also known as Kelstylist on my social media accounts. I moved to Manitoba in 2009 and I am originally from England.

Through the years of being in the hair styling industry I have attend hair styling conferences every year, and classes throughout. This is where I get to pick up new tricks and tips to create the latest trends and stay current. Continued education is very important to me because this industry is always growing, changing, and it gives me and my clientele new things to get excited about.

One of my most memorable experiences was the CHI conference that I attended with my coworker in Cancun. I got to attend mens and women’s cutting classes, an updo class, watch live how a photo shoot is put together between all the different parties that are involved, and also watch as they put together amazing avant garde looks for the runway .

For me my greatest passion in hair would have to be men’s cuts and all around colouring hair. I love the transformations you can create with these two categories weather it is soft and flirty or bold end edgy.